Slightly-more-frequently-than-annual blog update

Has it really been a year since I wrote that stupid cats and laser beams thing? That’s just… scary. Really scary. Stuff happened between now and then, too. Concerts (though not for a while), holidays (also not for a while), more drama at work, more drama outside work (car accident!), and… I’m sure lots of other stuff I can’t remember at 1am.

Ehh, it’s all good. I’ve switched hosts, now that my old one is going to vanish. Let’s see how good this one is.

I’ll update sooner next time, I swear. I just really, really hope something good happens that I want to tell the world about.

Pew! Pew!

Cats, lasers, a cheesy song. What more do you want?

Anyway, just a quick update since I really should be sleeping. It’s hard to believe I’ve managed to go almost a year without updating, but that just goes to show how good a procrastinator I can be.

Funny thing is, not much has changed since then – work is still work, at least. I’m off to see a few concerts (funnily enough, Muse is one of them again), and I’ve seen one that I haven’t mentioned. Big Day Out in Perth was well worth the trip. I spent far more money than I should have, tipped (I thought) quite generously, had a good time with the people I knew over there, got horrendously sunburnt – you know, the usual. Then I came home and got my own place, then I went to Sydney to see Nine Inch Nails, then I had a birthday and won a couple of awards. Now I’ve got the Silverchair/Powderfinger concert in just over a week (for which I bought three tickets – one for myself, one for my brother as a 21st birthday gift, and one for the Brisbane show for my sister, also as a 21st birthday gift – she saw it on Friday night and absolutely loved it). I’ve also got to get my arse in to the post office and pick up my Muse tickets for November in Brisbane (my next real “holiday”).

Oh yeah, and I won a PS3. And bought a bike, and a barbecue. And I’m buying a 40″ Sony LCD shortly.

Hmm, maybe there have been a few changes in the last almost-year.

Playstation Pornable

Bah, stupid blog giving me a place to write stuff. Why can’t you just let me be lazy?!

So… yeah. I’ve had my PSP for a while now, and it’s good fun. I’ve also been a moderately avid observer of the homebrew scene, which is actually the reason I bought the PSP in the first place – since it gives you so many more options on what you can do with the little blighter. Examples include a wifi sniffer, universal remote control, even email client – plus there’s a whole heap more games than the ones officially released. I’m a big fan of ScummVM, which lets you play all the old LucasArts classics like Monkey Iisland on a multitude of different platforms, including the PSP.

Anyway, for some reason Sony really hate the idea of people making their own stuff for hardware they bought. Accordingly, on later versions of the firmware, they take measures to stop you from doing this. This is a bad thing, since it means no Monkey Island for me.

Fortunately, there’s these people called “leet haxxors” (or so the other kids tell me) who figure out how to keep doing what they’re doing. At the moment, the big star is a certain Dark_Alex, who seems to have the midas touch these days when it comes to the PSP. His latest foray into the world of “haxxoring” is a customised version of Sony’s firmware, that incorporates the features of version 1.50 (the best for running homebrew) with 2.71 (which can run almost all games, since some games require higher firmware versions than 1.50), and includes a couple other nice features – including disabling the auto-run of the UMD on boot-up, and hiding corrupted icons (from certain homebrew, due to the “haxxorish” nature of how they get the stuff to run). The new version also includes a zomgawesome feature – it lets you play the UMD games from an ISO image on your memory stick, rather than the disc itself. While most people, of course, use this to download the games rather than buy them, it does have other benefits – for example, the memory stick is much faster to read and write from than the UMD, so it speeds up game load times. It also saves battery power, too, since flash memory requires significantly less than a laser and spindle motor.

Damn, that took far too long to write. Screw this blog thing.

… ’til next time.


No… couldn’t be!

Actually, yes it could. And is. And I have big news. And I bet if my high school English teachers read this, they’d… really not like the way I’m starting sentences with and.

So, the big news…

I’m going on a trip.

“Whoa!” you say. “No way!” you say. Or not. Probably you just roll your eyes at my saying that’s big news, so let me elaborate.

I’m going to Perth, Western Australia, from the 2nd to 6th of February next year.

Still, you may not be very impressed. It’s just five days, after all. Four and a half if you don’t count travel time. But then, I haven’t finished.

You see, on the fourth of February next year in Perth, there’s a little event on. And this little event is known by a rather simple name: Big Day Out.

At this point, some of you may start to be impressed. Some won’t know what it is, and some will be thinking “Meh, I go to that every year.” Well screw you, I don’t. In fact, I’ve never been to a real live concert before – and I get to start with MUSE!

So yeah, I’ve spent just over $1000 tonight to get an event ticket, return airfare and 4 nights’ accommodation, and I’m feeling pretty damn pleased with myself.

Also, in the off chance that anyone reads this AND will be in Perth in that time frame, get in touch. I’ve got Friday afternoon, and all of Saturday and Monday for meeting and greeting, and since I’m not often on that side of the country, I’d like to do plenty of both while I can.

The sound of emo.

I am alone. In a corner. And sad. And lonely. But not listening to Linkin Park. Even I have standards.

So… yeah. It’s probably about time for another update, and this one can be about TV. I love downleeching new TV shows from the internets. There’s so much good stuff out there that we don’t get to see, and some that we do get to see but only after a while.

Prison Break and Veronica Mars are the two shows I’ve been seriously sucked into of late. Both just started showing here, but Veronica Mars is already well and truly into its second US season, and Prison Break has been on hiatus for too long now. I really hate the whole sweeps thing they have going over there.

Oh, and also, I like buying the boxsets when they’re released. Something about actually owning them, rather than just having them stored on my hard drive, makes me a happy boy. As opposed to an emo one.


Hooray, I’ve finally got my own intarweb!

A friend was kind enough to let me share his shiny new server, so I snapped up this domain name and here I am.

I still don’t really know what I’ll be using this for. At the moment I have two and a half projects; one for the BHG, and two personal ones: Hacking on tbsource, and creating my catalogue webapp thingy.

Anyway, now to think about starting to begin working on a programme for BHG Radio. Let’s see how I go.